It’s Okay to be Average

While searching Pinterest for the perfect quote to start this blog post with, I realized something, there weren’t any. I was looking for a quote about accepting being average, but all I could find were quotes negating that. Quotes refusing to be average, how you should strive for something more. There were hundreds of quotes saying how you should fear being average. They were making it sound like being average was the worst possible thing that could ever happen to you. Well sorry to Arthur Helps, Tozer, an endless string of proverbs, and even Taylor Swift, but I disagree..

I understand that you should push yourself to become something great and of course I agree to that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be average and still be great. It’s very possible to be average and still be this amazing person who does amazing things. I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s okay to be average. Being average doesn’t mean your not trying, it just means you’re not the best at that one certain thing.

I never used to see being average as a good thing, but lately my perspective has changed. In some aspects of my life now, I strive to be average. Now, you’re probably thinking I have zero ambition, but thats not the case.. Think of it this way. Say you have depression, are you going to try and be the most depressed person in the world, just because you don’t want to be average? Of course not. That doesn’t make any sense. But at the same time, unfortunately you can’t be the least depressed person ever either. You’re somewhere in between the least depressed and the most depressed. You might say you’re average.

It’s easy to get caught up in the race to become the best, to have the highest mark, or be the best employee. But why do you need to? Why can’t you just be the best employee you can be, or get the highest mark you can? What we’re really doing is comparing ourselves to the standards of others, and weren’t we taught to not do that?

I know I’m not the best person out there, and I know I often call myself the worst, but that isn’t true. I’m not the worst person, I’m not even close. I’m average and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’ve accepted who I am, and let me share a little secret with you. Once you accept that you’re average, you don’t feel average anymore.

Who am I? Why am I here?

“Why am I here?” Is a question I have asked myself too many times to count. For instance I’ll be sitting in a restaurant by myself feeling awkward and out of place, or I’ll be in class lacking confidence, trying to make as little eye contact with my professor as possible, and the whole time I’m wondering “Why am I here, when I could be hiding out in my room”. Even though I’m asking myself the same question today, it has a different meaning.

Why am I here, in this blogging community? Who am I? Do I even have anything worth saying?

I’m a 22 year old student who works two jobs, while dealing with depression, anxiety and insomnia. Just looking at my planner gives me anxiety. Am I really fit to be telling people how to live there lives? No, probably not. But then again no one is, all I’m doing is telling people how I live my life, and maybe they’ll want to follow along.

So why am I here? Why am I writing? I’m here because I want to be. I’m here because I love to write. I’m here because I’ve never learned more about myself than I have through writing. I’m here because I want to document my journey through life and I want to inspire others along the way. Everyone has heard the saying “Life is a journey” once or a dozen times. I feel it’s a little overused, to be honest. But that being said I do agree with it. Life is a journey. Actually, it’s a bunch of journeys that all add up to become one. There’s a journey to growing up, to happiness, to well-being, to achievement, to your soul, to confidence, even to death. Each journey is different, but they all come together for a common cause, the journey of life.

I think my main journey in life, is to inspire others to find happiness and peace within their own lives. That may sound a little pretentious, but if your going to dream, dream big right? How do I plan on executing such a journey? I have no idea. If you have any ideas, you’re welcome to send them my way. I think I need to start with myself. If I write about my own journey to happiness and peacefulness, maybe I’ll figure it out. Or maybe someone will someday read my work and feel something.

So, Who am I? A writer. Why am I here? To inspire.